We help your kiddo get excited about water

Our stainless steel water bottles and waterproof stickers let your child customize their bottle - and switch it up whenever their interests change.

Kids hydrate better when their bottle never gets boring.

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    Cutest Bottle

    We LOVE our water bottle. Doesn’t spill, is super usable for my toddler and is so aesthetically pleasing. My three year old and I the best time decorating her bottle together. 10/10 recommend.

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    New favorite bottles

    Not only are these water bottles amazing, being leakproof and keeping your drinks cold all day. My kids had the best time decorating their bottles with the different sticker packs. They use them and show off their bottles to their friends!

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    He doesn’t leave the house without it!

    I bought this for my nephew, who immediately started decorating it with the sticker pack. Such a fun way to encourage him to drink more water! From the park to the library, he never leaves the house without it!

Their bottle. Their masterpiece.

Getting kids to drink enough water can be tough - especially when you're competing with sugary soda.

But when they're able to make their bottle theirs, it creates in them a unique sense of ownership.

Suddenly it becomes like an accessory and never leaves their side...which means more sips throughout the day!

Pick your stickers

Each sticker sheet is designed to look great on all three bottle colors!

You can see it on their face 🥺

You'll love seeing that look of pride on their little faces when they make their bottle their own.

As a parent, there's nothing better than that.

What's more, they'll be hydrating throughout the day without any reminder from you!

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  • Brain fog

    Dehydrated kiddos can end up all... spaced out. Their focus? Gone. Their memory? Cloudy.

  • Dry skin

    Kids' skin needs water from the inside out. Chapped lips and desert-like skin means more water's needed.

  • Constipation

    A dehydrated system is, well, a sluggish one. And who wants to deal with prune juice drama?

  • Mood swings

    Dehydration can be a factor in mood swings, irritability, anxiety and depression in kids.

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It can takes kids 66 days to make a habit

By giving them a bottle they can redesign whenever they want, they'll never get bored of it!

Get your child started today and help them create a healthy habit that will last a lifetime!