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The Big One 40oz Water Bottle - Pearly Pink

The Big One 40oz Water Bottle - Pearly Pink

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Our 40oz leakproof, stainless steel bottles are perfect for older kids and adults with big water goals! 

They're lightweight, yet durable so they'll stand up to all life's adventures. 

Cleaning is a breeze with our easy-to-clean straw lid, and just like our 14oz bottles, they can be customized with our waterproof stickers.

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Try for 90 days, if you or your kiddo doesn't love their bottle we'll give you a full refund - and we'll pay the return costs!

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Product details

Leakproof: No spills in your work bag or gym tote—our bottles are meticulously designed to be fully leakproof when closed.

Easy to clean lid: Cleaning is no longer a chore with our straw lid. A bit of dish soap and our specialized straw cleaner, and you're all set.

24-hour cold drinks: Ensure your drink stays refreshingly cold for an entire day. Even if it's inadvertently left in a sweltering car during a busy day, rest assured your beverage remains chilled.

Modeling Hydration: Every sip you take not only prioritizes your health but also sets a powerful example for your kiddo. When they see you consistently reaching for water, it reinforces the importance of hydration, encouraging them to develop the same healthy habits.

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable: Our stainless steel bottles are more than just reliable companions for your daily endeavors; they're our commitment to preserving the environment and championing sustainability.


  • Double-walled stainless steel
  • Powder coated exterior
  • BPA-Free polypropylene plastic lid

Wash Instructions

To keep the bottles like new, it is recommended to hand wash both the bottle and lid.

Get your waterproof stickers to decorate