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Ice Cube Tray - Pack of 4

Ice Cube Tray - Pack of 4

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Make drinking water extra fun with cute ice cube trays! Also great for making homemade gummies! Made with BPA free silicone.
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About the bottle

24-Hour Cold Drinks: Life gets busy, especially with little ones. Our bottles keep drinks icy-cold for 24 hours. (And trust us, even if you forget it in the car amidst the school drop-offs, that drink's stayin cool.)

Leakproof & Durable: We know the unexpected spills and the 'Oops!' moments all too well. That's why our bottles are designed to be tough, durable, and most importantly, leakproof. No leaks, no mess.

Waterproof Stickers: Let them flaunt their unique style and keep those curious hands busy. Our waterproof stickers are more than decorations—they're an invitation to creativity, helping you sneak in that much-needed five-minute breather.

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Powder Coated BPA Free Stainless Steel Bottle and Plastic Lid.

Wash Instructions

To keep the bottles feeling like new, it is recommended to hand wash both the bottle and lid.